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What is Keele Day?

Keele Day is a chance for Keele alumni wherever they are in the world to celebrate the time they spent at Keele University with Keele friends by hosting a gathering of friends new and old, or simply by sharing in the fun on social media.

What can I do?

You can meet up with friends, new or old. Perhaps host a gathering for fellow alumni to come and meet, share stories, talk about life after Keele.

What will AlumniHQ do to help?

We are running our own Keele Day event, on campus: Homecoming 2018. However, if you are unable to make it back to Keele, and would like to host your own event, we can help you to promote it, register people to attend, and provide you with your Keele Day kit to accessorise your event. Let us know what you have planned by completing a few simple details here: - and we will be in touch.

What will I get in my Keele Day Kit?

This is a downloadable kit, complete with hints and tips, masks, banners, social media guide, mocktail and cocktail recipes, and few recommendations from the ‘What means Keele to me soundtrack”

Will you offer any financial support for events?

Sadly, no. We are unable to provide any financial support for events, but will be on hand to support the promotion of your event, and can advise on other elements of event organisation should you need it.

Can I charge an entry fee to my event?

“The best things in life are free”. The Keele day events should be simple and not for profit. If the venue or catering at your event incurs a charge, please make this clear in your event invitation, but we request that you only seek to recoup costs, and do not seek to make a profit through your Keele Day event. Our Keele Day Homecoming event is asking for voluntary gifts in lieu of a ticket charge.

How do we share our Keele Day fun?

Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, join us on LinkedIn and use the #KeeleDay, #KeeleisGlobal, #LoveKeele and #ForeverKeele tags. Share to our social media pages.

Do we have to have the event on Saturday 12th May?

No, you can hold the event on a day that suits you and your friends.

What is significant about Saturday 12th May 2018?

Keele Homecoming 2018 is on Saturday 12th May and we wanted to make sure that all those who can’t make it back to Keele can still join in the fun, and so Keele Day was born!

What images can we use?

All images are available to use from social media and you Keele Day Kit. Simply save to your device. And don’t forget your twibbon!

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